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Los trabajadores sociales buscan fortalecer las relaciones entre personas en un decidido esfuerzo para promover, restaurar, mantener y realzar el bienestar de individuos, familias, grupos sociales, organizaciones, y comunidades. Algunas de las normas que siguen son lineamientos que se deben cumplir para la conducta profesional, y otros son aspiracionales. La responsabilidad principal de los trabajadores sociales es la de promover el bienestar de los clientes.

En general, los intereses de los clientes son la principal responsabilidad.

Los trabajadores sociales deben otorgar a los clientes una oportunidad para realizar preguntas. Los trabajadores sociales que se involucran en, o esperan involucrarse en relaciones sexuales con un colega tienen el deber de transferir las responsabilidades profesionales, cuando sea necesario, para evitar conflicto de intereses. Estar - various.

See how much you know about the difference between Saber and Conocer. Remember to use the correct form of the verb! This quiz contains 28 questions. This quiz contains 50 questions chosen from a bank of Can you sink the enemy battleships before he sinks yours? How well do you know Por and Para? Practice your positive and negative formal commands! Avancemos 2 U1-L2 Prueba de gramatica 3 [irregular preterite] Deportes - Sports Battleship-Batalla de Naves. Battleship with sports words.

Play Hangman with Chapter 3B foods and beverages vocabulary. Here you will practice all verbs that you have learned thus far in Spanish. From regular verbs to tener expressions. Module 1 Lesson 1.

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El Caballero de la Armadura Oxidada. ER verbs in Spanish, infinitives. Learn the meaning in English of some of the most common regular ER verbs in Spanish. Realidades 5A Por Elena. Realidades 2 Reflexive verbs. Determine which direct object pronoun is needed by selecting the correct one seen within the context of a Spanish sentence. Focus on places around the town.

Irregular Preterit - Ir and Ser. Los Verbos Poder, Pensar, y Querer. How well do you know you stem changing verbs?

Practice by playing hangman. Casi se muere Ch. Questions pertaining to chapters of Casi se muere. Do you know the forms of the six irregular verbs in the lesson? Practice conjugating the verb ser This quiz contains 15 questions. Subject Pronouns - Java Games. Chore vocabulary and direct object pronouns. You also have a few present tenses and infinitive use thrown in-just to make it more challenging! Completen con el subjuntivo Avancemos 2 U3-L1 Prueba de vocabulario 2 Abril Tell what you like or ask what someone else likes using the correct form of the verb gustar.

Match the picture with the corresponding Spanish word. Months, Seasons, Weather, activities and irregular verbs This quiz contains 33 questions. Realidades 1, Chapter 3A Vocab Quiz. Fill in the blank with the direct object pronoun based on the statments provided. El preterito saber, querer, poder, traer. Hagan parejas Avancemos 2 - 3. Spanish Possessives-mi, tu, su, nuestro, etc. Can you say that these things belong to the people in the sentence. Be sure to make the ending of the word agree with what they own.

This quiz contains 8 questions chosen from a bank of Ch 11 Comparativos - Spanish to English. With each of the following Spanish sentences, choose the correct English translation. Direct Object Pronouns: Step One. Students will learn to replace the Direct Object of the sentence by the corresponding pronoun This quiz contains 10 questions. Practises adjectives and body parts.

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Practice the preterite tense of -ar verbs. EP Preterite prueba inicial. U5E1 Reflexive Verb Vocabulary. Verbos Irregulares-Practice Quiz. Fill in the blank with the correct form of each irregular verb. Vocabulary about asking for directions. Questions and answers. Ordinal numbers, right, left, turn and straight on. Practice your knowledge of regular -ar verbs in the infinitive form with these activities. Affirmative and Negative Words, p. Realidades 2, 1A, p. Realidades 2 Chapter 6B vocabulary. Barbara Englebert. Practice conjugating 16 common irregular verbs in the present tense.

Earn coins for each correct answer. How much can you earn? Vocabulario de la familia. El presente del progresivo -ing sentences.

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Which tense is the correct one to use? Weather Quiz. Can you select the correct command for the sentences given? I added direct object pronouns to some of the commands. Translate the English commands to Spanish. Practice of gustar-type verbs from p.

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Determine how well you know your rules for adjective endings in Spanish. Give it a go! Correctly choose the form of the preterite or the imperfect. Remember preterite is completed action and imperfect is continued actions or background information. Direct Object Nouns and Pronouns 1. A pop-up exercise covering expressions with the verbs "tocar" and "parecer". Use these activities to help you learn your numbers Casi se muere Mid book exam. Reflexive verbs in the preterite in Spanish.

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Las aventuras de Isabela, Ch 1. Terminology for today's family including step relatives and in-laws. II Realidades - 2A Reflexives. Give the Spanish translation of the following reflexive verbs. Ven conmigo vocabulary Chapter 4 Segundo Paso. Quiz--weather with animation. Ven conmigo II 5.