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Directed by David Lean and showcasing a cast full of Hollywood legends, the film won 10 Academy Awards — including one for its sumptuous score by Maurice Jarre. And don't be fooled — Jarre's score is anything but mere background music for the film's stunning views of expansive swathes of the Middle Eastern desert. Listen Listening Jarre's score heightens the film's expansive feel and intensifies emotions at key moments in the narrative — moments that, for the emotional power of image and music, have gone down as some of the greatest moments in all of cinema.

Take, for instance, the scene near the beginning of Lawrence of Arabia that cuts from a conversation between Lawrence and British diplomat Dryden inside the confines of the British Arab Bureau, to a view of a burning desert sunrise. An extraordinarily intense camel ride leads to the return of Jarre's expansive "desert theme" as the jubilant underscore to one of the most iconic scenes in all of film:. And now, the moment that seals Lawrence's status as a legend. Lawrence returns from rescuing an Arab tribesman who had fallen by the wayside during the trek across the formidable Nefud Desert.

The music speaks for the crowd that surrounds Lawrence, who utters only a single line, marking his triumph over fate itself. This is the moment in which Lawrence becomes nothing short of a god in the minds of his followers:. In this episode of SoundReels , Sherman and I also talk about the dramatic problems of the film's second half and what those challenges mean for the film's musical score.

Here are three more instances that reveal character or portend adversity:. Matchstick : In the opening scene Lawrence demonstrates his indifference to suffering by holding onto a match as it burns its way down to his fingers. Uniform : When he returns, he resumes wearing a uniform, tries to blend. Grapes : As they approach Damascus, an Arab jubilantly gallops up and offers Lawrence a cluster of grapes freshly picked in Damascus.

The story is bookended — and divided — with the visual motif of a motorcycle. The first image of the movie is the motorcycle that he rides to his death in A motorcycle appears again some 2 hours later film when Lawrence arrives at the Suez Canal after capturing Aqaba. The film ends with the vehicle transporting him away from Damascus trailing in dust in the wake of another motorcycle.

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And for those who have signed up, but have yet to email me your post, please do so ASAP. For the original post explaining the series, go here. Sign in. Get started. Classic 60s Movie: Lawrence of Arabia. Scott Myers Follow. Go Into The Story Follow. Guinness said in interviews that he developed his Arab accent from a conversation that he had with Omar Sharif. Anthony Quinn as Auda abu Tayi. Quinn got very much into his role; he spent hours applying his own makeup, using a photograph of the real Auda to make himself look as much like him as he could. One anecdote has Quinn arriving on-set for the first time in full costume, whereupon Lean mistook him for a native and asked his assistant to ring Quinn and notify him that they were replacing him with the new arrival.

Jack Hawkins as General Allenby. Lean, however, convinced him to choose Hawkins because of his work for them on The Bridge on the River Kwai.

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Hawkins shaved his head for the role and reportedly clashed with Lean several times during filming. Guinness recounted that Hawkins was reprimanded by Lean for celebrating the end of a day's filming with an impromptu dance. Hawkins became close friends with O'Toole during filming, and the two often improvised dialogue during takes, to Lean's dismay. Omar Sharif as Sherif Ali.

The role was offered to many actors before Sharif was cast. Horst Buchholz was the first choice, but had already signed on for the film One, Two, Three. Alain Delon had a successful screen test, but ultimately declined because of the brown contact lenses he would have had to wear. Maurice Ronet and Dilip Kumar were also considered. Anthony Quayle as Colonel Harry Brighton. Quayle, a veteran of military roles, was cast after Jack Hawkins, the original choice, was shifted to the part of Allenby.

Quayle and Lean argued over how to portray the character, with Lean feeling Brighton to be an honourable character, while Quayle thought him an idiot. Claude Rains as Mr.

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Arthur Kennedy as Jackson Bentley. In the early days of the production, when the Bentley character had a more prominent role in the film, Kirk Douglas was considered for the part; Douglas expressed interest but demanded a star salary and the highest billing after O'Toole, and thus was turned down by Spiegel.

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Later, Edmond O'Brien was cast in the part. Michel Ray as Farraj. Johar as Gasim. Johar was a well-known Bollywood actor who occasionally appeared in international productions. Zia Mohyeddin as Tafas. Mohyeddin was one of Pakistan's best-known actors. Gamil Ratib as Majid.

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  • Ratib was a veteran Egyptian actor. His English was not considered good enough, so he was dubbed by Robert Rietti in the final film. John Dimech as Daud. Miller worked on several of Lean's films as a dialogue coach, and was one of several members of the film crew to be given bit parts see below.

    Fernando Sancho as the Turkish sergeant.

    Stuart Saunders as the regimental sergeant major. Jack Gwillim as the club secretary. Gwillim was recommended to Lean for the film by close friend Quayle. Kenneth Fortescue as Allenby's aide. Harry Fowler as Corporal Potter.

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    Howard Marion-Crawford as the medical officer. Marion-Crawford was cast at the last possible minute, during the filming of the "Damascus" scenes in Seville. John Ruddock as Elder Harith. Norman Rossington as Corporal Jenkins. Jack Hedley as a reporter. Henry Oscar as Silliam, Faisal's servant. Peter Burton as a Damascus sheik. Various members of the film's crew portrayed minor characters.

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    Steve Birtles, the film's gaffer, plays the motorcyclist at the Suez Canal; Lean himself is rumoured to be the voice shouting "Who are you? Nonfictional charactersT.

    The character was created largely because Lawrence did not serve with any one Arab leader aside from Auda throughout the majority of the war; most such leaders were amalgamated in Ali's character. This character was, however, almost certainly named after Sharif Ali ibn Hussein, a leader in the Harith tribe, who played a part in the Revolt and is mentioned and pictured in Lawrence's memoir Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    It was largely Storrs' doing that Lawrence first met Faisal and became involved with the Revolt. This character is also partially based upon Lawrence's archaeologist friend D. He was created by the screenwriters to "represent the civilian and political wing of British interests, to balance Allenby's military objectives. Newcombe played much the same role as Brighton does in the film, being Lawrence's predecessor as liaison to the Arab Revolt; he and many of his men were captured by the Turks in , but he later escaped.

    Also, like Brighton, Newcombe was not well liked by the Arabs, though he remained friends with Lawrence. Brighton was apparently created to represent how ordinary British soldiers would feel about a man like Lawrence: impressed by his accomplishments but repulsed by his affected manner. Lean argued that Brighton was "the only honourable character" in the film, whereas Anthony Quayle referred to his character as an "idiot".