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This has been a giant project, but we are almost there. Which I think is a 3rd quarter release. This is an anthology that I edited with Kacey Ezell featuring all new noir themed sci-fi and fantasy stories. It is amazing. And it came out awesome.

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Some of the stories tie into existing franchisees. And I enjoyed all of them.

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  2. The real Mindhunter: inside the head of FBI 'serial killer whisperer' John E Douglas.
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Kacey Ezell writes about a post WW3 femme fatale. Christopher Smith and Michael Ferguson tell the story of a hard boiled PI solving a murder on a space station. Griffin Barber takes a necromancer on a heist. I loved it. It overlaps with Siege in the timeline.

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Her task: hold down the fort and take care of her new baby son Ray. Paperback: Includes bonus story about Nightwing.

When Star received his powers on his first birthday, he became the most powerful pegasus in Anok. However, many were afraid to follow him and felt safer staying with their over-stallions.

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The rest unified with Star and formed River Herd. But now a horrible plague threatens the five herds, and the heartless over-stallion Rockwing of the Mountain Herd has plans to kidnap Morningleaf, Star's closest companion, and take back Sky Meadow. Star begins to question his ability to keep his herd safe, especially with the threat of Nightwing the Destroyer's return—the pegasus who inherited the starfire before Star and used it for evil.

As much as Star wants to rely on his friends again for support, he's afraid of the starfire he's inherited.

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Star can heal, but he can also destroy. And the question is: Will his dark powers overcome him? Paperback: Includes bonus story about Shadepebble. It has been many moons since Star received his starfire power. He has gone from being born a dud—unable to fly and shunned by the five herds of Anok, including his own—to becoming a strong yearling, ready to lead his own herd as an over-stallion. But now he will face his toughest challenge yet. The only way for Star to defeat him is to learn how to fight like a warrior—without using his starfire.

For if he uses his power, even to heal, Nightwing will know where to find him.

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Available: Hardcover, eBook, Audio Book. Paperback : Includes bonus story about the legendary Lake Herd pegasi. It has been many moons since Star received his powers, and in that time, Star and his friends have been through constant struggle. Now, Star truly has his toughest, most deadly challenge yet.

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With no one to turn to but his enemy Frostfire, both pegasi search all of Anok to track down Nightwing. And as a violent storm approaches, Star and Nightwing face off amidst quaking lands, dangerous winds, and blazing fires, in a battle to end all battles—and one that will determine the fate of all the pegasi in Anok. Publication Date: May 1, Paperback: February 26, Formats: Hardcover, eBook.