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This is where you might have an angiogram, angioplasty or stent insertion, ablation , ICD or pacemaker insertion, a TAVI transcatheter aortic valve implantation as well as other tests and procedures.

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In this video, the medical team starts off by performing an angiogram to check the size and seriousness of the blockage. This means they feed a tube into the heart through an artery in the arm and pass dye also known as contrast into it. The dye passes through the arteries and can show where an artery is blocked, meaning blood is struggling to pass through to supply your heart.

You might be admitted for an angiogram if you have experienced chest pain, or other symptoms that may have caused a heart attack or angina symptoms. The results of the angiogram will show whether you need further treatment, which might be an angioplasty, bypass surgery or medication only. If you need an angioplasty which is what happens in this video that will usually happen at the same time.

In an angioplasty the cardiologist inserts a catheter into your artery and inflates a tiny balloon at the narrowing to widen it and improve the blood flow. How your heart works Your heart rate. Fundraising Do your own fundraising Take on one of our challenges Ideas, tips and resources Speak to your local fundraising manager Remember a loved one with a tribute fund Pay in your fundraising Become a local fundraising volunteer Become a corporate partner Fundraise for a special occasion.

Become a corporate partner Our current partners Ways to work together Why support us. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments. Georgeous figure you drew based on the simple often neglected concept of just flipping hexaxial leads and then adding them at their appropriate negative lead spot on the degree continuum. Thanks for the kind words! This example is more about introducing folks to the concepts behind why the EKG axes work and how the different leads related to one another. I love the concept—too often ECG instruction and interpretation are done in vacuums, with no correlation to what is being seen; it can be hard to correlate the tracing to the physiological processes, and vice versa—this concept may help fill in the gaps.

In reality, the only leads which are recorded are leads I and II. All the others are calculated! So there have to be reciprocal changes! Very nicely done. As a new Paramedic, this information is very useful and helpful.

I believe there is more to understanding paramedicine than what can be taught in a class and it takes the initiative of the medic to pursue. Thank you for providing this simple yet understandable concept. Honestly, it never dawned on me how the hexaxial reference system could be utilized. Thank you and I look forward to upcoming posts. Lately, a few paramedic-students arrived at my station. So i tried to explain that basics at my best simpliest way.

For me it is a great compliment!


The 360 Degree Heart – Part II

Thanks for writing! Cant wait for part 2!! Why so? In Sweden we have used the Cabrera lead system for decades.


A beautiful illustration of an important concept that is not widely understood. I try to teach the concept but never thought of doing it this way — can I use your diagram, Vince? This has truly enlightened me about what the hexaxial diagrams represent. Thank you very much for this. This will take my 12Lead interpretation to a higher level. I think starting from now on, I will always be on the look-out for the limb-lead wave progressions!

New mobile ECG gives degree view

Glad I could help! Your email address will not be published. EMS 12 Lead. Indeed, very academic. Many thanks for your endeavors in sharing your knowledge! Your email address will not be published. EMS 12 Lead. GO TO … Dr. Toggle navigation.

Experience a Heart Transplant in 360°

Subtle ST-elevation confined to lead aVL. October 21, at pm.

The 360 Degree Heart – Part I

Vince DiGiulio says:. Steve says:.

October 22, at pm. Ken Grauer, MD says:. October 26, at am. October 27, at am.

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