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The Raw Food Re-Awakening Experience is a place for you to align and reconnect body, mind and spirit by supporting your spiritual practice with higher vibrational food choices. In this course you will learn the importance of a holistic approach to spirituality with practical, hands-on experience. Learn how food supports our evolution as human beings and how to incorporate and implement healthy food choices into your lifestyle. The workshop provides a seamless integration between food and spirituality. Hence why in some of it we make food, and at other times we work on ourselves and our own beliefs and attitudes towards the lifestyle choices we make.


It goes beyond giving practical tools such as recipes and hands-on experience, to make food a balanced part of your spiritual practice. Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies. Whilst it does serve that purpose, with the right intent and methodology, food becomes a sacred medicine, assisting us during this time of transition and evolution on the earth. Yet of course also accessing our medicine within ourselves beyond food is important and we cover spiritual practices that you can apply to your own life. In this transformational event you will learn modern day techniques and methodologies for aligning your mind, body and soul to your true essence.

We will also combine this with the power of raw food.

How to Succeed on a Raw Food Diet

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