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Our God formed all things. The NIV Prov. Open an NIV, read the same verse, close it. Which gives praise to our Creator God? Note Prov. For God, who is the Creator, Proprietor, and Disposer of the earth and all that is in it, has given the produce of it to the children of men, to be used without scruple except when a cause of stumbling to those weak in faith:.

Psalm An origin means a beginning. For example, Ps. With this in mind, we see how false the NIV rendering of Micah is. Is that an acceptable translation? ALL other major versions show the prose nature of Gen. Boyd, Ph. With its probability of virtually 1, Genesis , therefore, is a narrative, not poetry. Using this curve the probability that Genesis is a narrative is 0. Three major implications from this study are 1 it is not statistically defensible to read Genesis as poetry; 2 since Genesis is a narrative, it should be read as other Hebrew narratives are intended to be read as a concise report of actual events, couched to convey an unmistakable theological message;13 and 3 when this text is read as a narrative, there is only one tenable view of its plain sense: God created everything in six literal days.

See below. This is sometimes referred to as the rhyming of thoughts rather than of word sounds. Hebrew poetry often not always omits this particle, but in Genesis it is found 40 times, including those instances in which the particle is incorporated as part of a personal pronoun. Here we have a clear case of the individual person who has an individual counterpart in the Lord Jesus Christ. This deletion occurs with NO reference.

Kirk D. Furthermore, many of the marginal notes in the modern versions question entire verses and passages, not just isolated words.

The second time the phrase is used Rev. This second phrase found in verse eleven is absent from most modern versions. Note P. Andreas, Cappadocia, Alsoincluding the phrase are men like Tyndale, Stephens, Beza, Elzevir, Geneva Bishops —men whohad access to even more versions and manuscripts. Being at first one by nature, and afterwards one by marriage; it was fit they should both have the same name, in token of their union.

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The NIV helps to erode the foundation of marriage that comes from the doctrines of Genesis. In fact, we read in Ezekiel 38 that, at the very beginning of the Millennium, Asiatic hordes will attempt to invade and occupy the Promised Land. But God will intervene and defeat this enemy by fire Ezekiel ; We find a similar event occurring at the very end of the Millennium, when God will destroy invading armies with fire compare Revelation —9. The commentary of Jamieson, Fausset and Brown offers the following explanation:.

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If the most important aspect of the rebuilt and reinhabited city will be the presence of God, attention to the building of the house must command top priority. It should, therefore, be self-evident that the statements immediately following that vision are likewise addressing events that will shortly come to pass. Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon. And I will dwell in your midst. This passage in Zechariah —13 is one of those remarkable passages in the Old Testament which prove that God is not just one Person.

Notice carefully in verse 10 where the LORD says that He is coming and that He will dwell in the midst of His people—an obvious reference to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ more fully explained below.


He shall bear the glory, And shall sit and rule on His throne; So He shall be a priest on His throne, And the counsel of peace shall be between them both. In the time of Abraham, the place where the city of Zion was built was known as Salem. The meaning of Zion continued to expand in its usage throughout the Bible. Zion became synonymous with Jerusalem and Israel and was applied to the land and people that God had chosen, as well.

We see, then, that the meaning of Zion goes beyond its original designation as a Jebusite stronghold or fortress. Notably, Zion also describes the people and the land of promise as a symbol of the hope that God has prepared for all nations! This means that it can refer to and include, symbolically, the members of the New Testament Church of God.

Christ will rule with His saints—those Spirit-born Church members—from Jerusalem. As we will point out below, God warns true Christians to separate themselves, spiritually, from the end-time Babylonian system, as He will destroy it in due time because of its sins. Jeremiah prophesies that Christ, when He returns, will free the remnants of Israel and Judah from their captivity:. This king will be the last leader of the revived Holy Roman Empire. He will be the military leader of modern Babylon.

Additional end-time warnings pertaining to the same circumstances can be found in Jeremiah and Jeremiah , Zechariah tells us to be silent—to stand in awe and amazement—when Christ returns to this earth to take vengeance on the enemies of God 2 Thessalonians —10; Revelation It contains a warning to separate ourselves—in conduct and in mind—from this wicked world and its environment, which will reach its evil culmination in a future revival of the ancient Roman Empire. Christ will return soon to avenge His people and to spoil those who spoiled them compare Zechariah —9.

After all, this present evil age, with its lusts and passions, will pass away very soon.

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As is the case with all nine visions given to Zechariah, the fourth vision of the high priest relates foremost to our days, even though it might also refer to an initial fulfillment at the time of Zechariah. Is this not a brand plucked from the fire? And the [angel] of the LORD stood by. The nine visions of Zechariah are clearly pointing at the last days and the Millennium. Regarding the fourth vision at issue, we find obvious millennial descriptions.

This is a clear reference to the Millennium, which will begin after Christ has returned. But at evening time it shall happen That it will be light. Christ will remove the iniquity of the land in one day Zechariah by destroying those who act wickedly. At the moment of their resurrection, or change to immortality, they will be totally sinless—incapable of sinning anymore. Whatever iniquity they still had will be forgiven, washed away and extinguished. Even though Joshua was a literal high priest at the time of Zechariah, the vision addresses foremost an end-time religious figure who obtains forgiveness of sins and who is given clean clothes—representing godly righteousness.

And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. This might perhaps occur during the time of the Great Tribulation. At the same time, Joshua is reminded compare Zechariah to continue walking in the commandments of God, indicating that he might not have been that diligent before in doing so. If he proves faithful, God will engrave an inscription on the stone that He has laid before Joshua compare Zechariah These seven eyes are identified as seven angels or powerful spirit beings.

Zechariah identifies Joshua and his companions as a wondrous sign.

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Also, Paul wrote that the Church should judge those who are inside 1 Corinthians ; compare 1 Corinthians —3. Further, the Church is called the temple of God 1 Corinthians —17; 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians The physical temple included courts Psalm ; , The true high priest, who is over the house of God, will establish his office among them [the people of Israel and Judah], when they shall acknowledge him as their Messiah, and seek redemption in the blood of the sacrifice which he has offered for their sins; and not for theirs only, but for the sins of the whole world.

The stone, mentioned in Zechariah , which is placed before Joshua, also points to Jesus Christ. This means Christ, and none other; on him his whole Church rests, as a building does on its foundation. Certain statements just do not apply to Christ at all compare Zechariah —7. May God speed those days.

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As we mentioned before, the nine visions in the book of Zechariah relate foremost to our days, even though some of them might also refer to a preliminary fulfillment at the time of Zechariah. Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! For these seven rejoice to see The plumbline in the hand of Zerubbabel. The seven eyes of God Zechariah are seven angelic beings who are also mentioned in Revelation Please note that Zechariah describes four of these seven angels. They are also referred to as seven lamps on the lampstand Zechariah The tabernacle had a seven-branched lampstand, a lampstand with seven lamps Exodus — These seven churches are described as seven lampstands.

It also symbolizes the Church of God and every single converted Church member. Christians must continuously make use of its power 2 Timothy This is the last stone to be placed in the building. It is remarkable that the pyramid is the only building where the cornerstone is identical with the capstone. Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone Ephesians ; 1 Peter —and He is also referred to here as the capstone, showing that the temple is built through Him.

He is the beginning and the end Revelation , the very foundation on which the temple—physical and spiritual—must be built. The pyramid also describes the governmental hierarchical structure within the God Family. God the Father is over all. Under Him is Jesus Christ. Even though the vision is talking about the construction of a physical temple at the time of Zerubbabel, it also applies to the end time.

As explained above, one application must be seen in the reference to the spiritual temple—the Church. The two olive trees, as mentioned in Zechariah , 12, have dual or even triple application.

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All true witness must be done in the power of the Spirit. It is only as Joshua [after his cleansing, as described in Zechariah 3], Zerubbabel, or any other human being represents Christ, the true Priest-King, that he fulfills this vision. They are the ones who build the house… and who are the servants of holiness which must surround the place where the Lord dwells…. The Lord is returning to Zion and will set up his kingdom there. In so doing he is fulfilling all the promises made to Israel and to David.

The construction of the temple will be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit Zechariah Christ, as the Head of the Church, is the Lampstand who gives us light, strength and understanding through the Holy Spirit.

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  • Religious, political and military forces, under the influence of Satan, will oppose them and ultimately kill them, but God will resurrect them through the power of His Holy Spirit Revelation — Its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.