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Also during the late s we would have to say that the Theme system was created regardless of the fact that this was a reprecussion of the bankruptcy and revolts of Maurice et al earlier in the century. Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Jul 11, Messages: 4. Here's an interesting thought.

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In Italy, Orestes puts his son, Romulus Augustulus, on the throne. In , Odoacer pushes out Romulus Augustulus exiles him to Campania and assumes the dignity of 'rex' in Italy. The Western Empire is dead, right? Well, not quite. Nepos is still in Dalmatia, still claiming the Western throne. Historically, he dies in , while trying to organize an attempt to reclaim his throne. He was killed by some of his own supporters. Let's say he doesn't. He returns to Italy and pushes out Odoacer. Do we have a glorious return of Rome? At best, he owns a plot of land around Ravenna. Italy itself has practically gone independent and the Popes have a mind of their own.

Zeno in Constantinople had decided on Odoacer and also has the regalia of the Western Emperor in his possession.

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It would take a lot of maneuvering, luck, and time for Nepos and any successors to carve out anything resembling a Roman empire. For the sake of this challenge, I'll say Nepos flatters Zeno to no end, deferring to the seniority of the Eastern throne, and becomes dependent on the East for his very existence.

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Not impossible, as it was the Emperors Leo and Zeno who originally nominated Nepos in the first place. As a puppet, with very little to boast of except a hard-to-besiege capital, Nepos might acquire a loose, titular hold on parts of Italy. But he is no true Emperor. As for the regalia? Well, if Nepos does enough flattering, he might get them back. I could see some interesting political fights between the "Emperor" in Ravenna and the Pope in Rome as both compete for power in Italy.

The barbarian states of the Visigoths, Suebi, Franks, Burgundians, etc. So now moving forward in time. You have a titular Western Emperor.

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Do you use him for your own ends for the reconquest, or are the African, Spanish, and Italian gains strictly for Byzantium? Another note is, Belisarius's battles in Italy don't wreck the city of Rome and cut the last aqueduct. The city isn't dead yet. What would Ravenna do? Beg the East for help most likely. A Roman presence at Ravenna would likely check any serious Lombard progress, especially with Byzantine help.

A tiny Roman state in Ravenna probably won't make a military difference. They sweep through Spain Al-Andalus and into Gaul. Hi, Charles Martel, smacked at Poitiers, and that's that. What would you need the Franks for? Charlemagne, now this is interesting. There's no crown for him to have, Ravenna's got it. The Pope might use him against Ravenna, however. I think Charlemagne would still rule a great state in Europe, just excluding the Italian portion.

I could still see him moving against the Saxons, Aquitaine, and even the Spanish March. But without the crown, the nature of the Holy Roman Empire will be different. There is a Rome, but it is tiny, vulnerable, and clinging to an ancient dignity that is still there, but barely.

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It's scared of the Pope, scared of Constantinople, and scared of anything north of the Alps. Yet if you have a Crusader Kings player who wants a glorious challenge, then Ravenna would be it. Mettermrck , Sep 17, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Apr 23, Messages: Well, in my opinion Western Rome could by have taken as much all of the Kingdom of Italy, exception of the Papal States, protected by the Holy Roman Emperor, founded in the person of Charlemagne in order to diminise any possibility of new Roman splendor, the Barbarian Kingdoms would still be as they were, and Rome will have some vassal in the ex-byzantine italian lands.

Txini , Sep 17, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Dec 15, Messages: 6. Submission would make a better one. Faeelin , Sep 18, Dinsdale , Sep 18, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Jul 26, Messages: 5. Foolish, Just Commodus' death is enough to significantly alter history-and, given that he stands as one of the vilest Emperors in a long line of vile Emperors, probably for the better. Dinsdale, 1. Roman Authorities ban proselytizing among Jews in Italy but no where else, Vespasian negotiates a settlement with the moderates in Judea and manages to avoid a bloodletting.

Erego, the Hebrews' discontent is not elevated to the level of endless revolution, erego there is no Jesus of Nazareth, erego there is no Christian movement. Titus Flavius Vespasianus lives to a ripe old age, governing Rome with the energy and genius of the man to whom he is regarded as rightful heir, Julius Caesar, for thirty years.

He reforms the tax and census, devalues the currency, constructs roads throughout the hinterlands, completes the magnificent fortification of the Rhineland and Danube, reorganizes the legions and grants universal citizenship in exchange for local legionary quotas. Arbogast defeats Theodosius at the Battle of Frigidus in , capturing and executing the Emperor, reuniting the Empire once again in Rome and placing Flavius Eugenius on the throne.

From there, the restoration of Paganism in Italy, Spain and North Africa is completed, Ambrose is murdered and dualism is supported against traditional Christianity in Greece and Judea. He then went to the next room to find a man. His hands were bound and his mouth was gagged. Nepos took the gag from his mouth. Two men robbed me then bound me. I recognized one of them. It was Barabbas. At that time Varus came back up the alley.

He jumped me from behind and put a knife to my throat.

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He took my money belt. He told me to sit down. He then told me to pray because I was going to die. He pushed my head down then ran out the door. It is all right. Everyone just go to bed. It is over now. Though fifteen-year-old Nepos lost his parents at an early age, he is brave and adventurous, with a thirst for knowledge. Living in the Roman Empire, he has been raised by his grandfather Philo Curtius, the founder and owner of a Roman newsletter.

Nepos believes this is his chance to prove to everyone he is ready to become both a man and a reporter. Nepos is exposed to the great culture of all these places, but when the general is robbed, Nepos is sent to report on a wedding in Cana. There, he witnesses a man called Jesus turning water into wine. Intrigued, Nepos sets out to discover who Jesus really is.

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Right this way. Tarquitius was standing in the doorway.

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He was very mad. I want him crucified. Formats Softcover. Book Details. Language : English.