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Mobile Apps. Charles St. Clair St. The captain had found them flashlights that worked. Hughie and Jones carried gunny sacks. As they drew quietly near, the frogs heard them coming. The night had been roaring with frog song and then suddenly it was silent. Mack and the boys and the captain sat down on the ground to have one last short one and to map their campaign. And the plan was bold. During the millennia that frogs and men have lived in the same world, it is probable that men have hunted frogs.

And during that time a pattern of hunt and parry has developed. The man with net or bow or lance or gun creeps noiselessly, as he thinks, toward the frog. The pattern requires that the frog sit still, sit very still and wait. The rules of the game require the frog to wait until the final flicker of a second, when the net is descending, when the lance is in the air, when the finger squeezes the trigger, then the frog jumps, plops into the water, swims to the bottom and waits until the man goes away. That is the way it is done, the way it has always been done.

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Frogs have every right to expect it will always be done that way. Now and then the net is too quick, the lance pierces, the gun flicks and the frog is gone, but it is all fair and in the framework. How could they have foreseen the horror that followed? Many of the pet-store species cannot survive our climate and will die if released. On the other hand, some species, such as the bullfrog often do survive. They may introduce new diseases or compete with native frogs and other species.

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The noise one or more treefrogs may be annoying to some people, particularly light sleepers Fig. If for some reason the presence of frogs cannot be tolerated, or to exclude them from an area where they might be injured or killed, install a barrier. Aluminum hardware cloth, or another type of rust-resistant material, can be used to surround a pump or other mechanical device within the pond to eliminate mortality. This will need to be maintained regularly. Note: a fence will not keep treefrogs out.

To prevent frogs from breeding in a small pond, keep it empty, or keep a waterfall or other source of turbulence in place to discourage frogs from using it during the breeding season. Egg masses can also be removed, as can adults. Or just add fish! See below for information on managing bullfrogs. Repellents and scare devices do not work on frogs.

No poisons should ever be added to the water to keep these animals out. The bullfrog Rana catesbeiana , Fig. Large populations of this species are believed to have contributed both directly and indirectly to the drastic decline of native amphibians and reptiles. The bullfrog is the largest true frog in North America.

It can measure 8 inches in length, leap up to 3 feet, and live nearly ten years. Bullfrogs are occasionally seen crossing roads, even during periods of dry weather, and may travel overland up to a mile. This movement allows them to expand their range from the source where they were introduced. The large number of eggs in each egg mass laid by the females allows bullfrogs to quickly establish themselves within a new territory.

From Johnny Depp’s Barbies to Paris Hilton’s frog hunt: Celebs and their unlikely hobbies

Bullfrogs get their name from the baROOM mating call made by the males. Juveniles and adults of both sexes emit a squeak just prior to jumping into water when avoiding an intruder. The original native range of bullfrogs was the eastern United States, but they have been introduced to most of western North America, from southern British Columbia to Baja California. Bullfrogs were first introduced into Washington during the Great Depression early s to provide opportunities for frog hunting, food i. Bullfrogs thrive in the warm waters of natural and man-made ponds, marshes, sloughs, reservoirs, and sluggish irrigation ditches and streams.