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As a daughter of a dance teacher, my little girl started class at age two and has been dancing ever since. She has graced the stage hundreds of time and progressed from a shy toddler to an artistic teenager. She has inherited my love for music and movement and is gifted in ways that I never was. She will never be the dancer in the front center, as she is far more comfortable in the back row stage left corner. Despite the fact that she has talent for days, her confidence is lacking, and she would prefer a humble role in the chorus over a featured lead any day.

Each summer, our studio hosts a week long intensive.

Standing out, or grabbing attention, would be the exact opposite of what my daughter strives for. Her powers of blending in are unparalleled.

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As a mom, I certainly could have made sure that my daughter was given more attention. I have the power to put her in the front of the line, give her the lead role, or ask teachers to pay her special attention. I never have, and never will. My mom taught me that anything worth having is worth working for, and you are not owed anything.

So year after year has gone by with my daughter remaining comfortably below the radar and doing an excellent job of not standing out.

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Flash forward to today, when I walked into the family room to see a discarded box with the remains of a school of swedish fish. This sweet treat is a favorite of my son, so I naturally assumed he had tossed it there. Before I could manage to chastise him about picking up his trash, my daughter casually mentioned that they were hers. This is the first time in all the years she has attended that she was ever called up as a stand out. At age sixteen, my amazing daughter finally got noticed, and she did it herself.

There may have been a million opportunities for me to push her into the spotlight, but none of them would have felt as bright as watching her step into it for herself. And as for her, I bet that little candy fish never tasted as sweet as it did today. Last week, I opened my new studio location. It was a labor of love, and after twenty years of teaching dance, who knew that I had lessons to learn? First of all, when it comes to construction, double the timeline and the budget.

Second of all, it will not be perfect. I am a confessed perfectionist. Whether learned or inherited, my need to go above and beyond is come by honestly and it has served me well.

Fancy Dancer

I have been a straight A student, a top scoring dancer, a successful business woman, and I have worn my superwoman cape proudly and flown my overachiever flag high. My family and I, along with some amazing friends and studio families, went to work. We spent 15 hour days painting, moving, cleaning, fixing, and creating. Our first camp of the summer was Fairy Garden Camp. I am known for my magical camp creations, and I was determined that this would be no different.

See a Problem?

At midnight, after a full day of work, I began decorating. The workers were there Monday morning to finish laying floors, which meant that we had no access to the lobby, and the only route to the bathroom was walking around the outside of the building. Cue fifteen little fairies in ballet slippers, who instantly had to go potty every five minutes.

The majority of my morning was spent scooping up fairy princesses and carrying them on the outside path through construction rubble to visit the restroom. Not my idea of perfect. But guess what? In those imperfect moments, magic happened.


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I giggled and told stories and heard about their favorite parts of dance class. I got to slow down and help wash little hands, and fluff tutus, and straighten fairy wings. And it was the best part of my week. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. But did it teach me what I needed to learn? It certainly did. I gave myself the grace to love my studio space, and to love myself, even if neither of us were perfect that day. And to realize that sometimes magic can happen in the messiness.

This is a hard announcement to make, but also one that will lead to amazing new things for our company. As most of you know, my mom and I founded All That! Dance Company and Upstart Crow Studios together in and worked side by side for nearly twenty years to provide performing arts programming to our local community.

We moved in to the current Eugene studio location over a decade ago and every surface in this building has been changed, touched, painted, and molded into a place where our vision could take root. I feel my mom in every project, every wall, every empty space, and as a result, moving on seems a daunting task. My mom and I had been talking for several years about the next dream for the future. The building we have been in is outdated, the landlord was not interested in making upgrades, the space is a bit of a maze, and there had been some ongoing safety concerns in the neighborhood.

Dancing to the Rhythm of My Soul

Several years ago we began working with a commercial real estate agent to find a new space that would move forward with us in to the next phase of our dream. All that came to a crashing halt when my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The next three years became about surgeries, chemo treatments, hospital stays, and eventually the painful process of losing my best friend, my business partner, my mom. In the wake of this, all I wanted to do was hold still.

Life felt like it was quaking under my feet and I wanted to regain composure and find balance in the program we had created together. Unfortunately, that was not to be. With the death of my mom, the direction of Upstart Crow Studios was out of her hands and mine. The organization made a decision that they no longer wanted to partner with me and I was asked to leave the building. From my husband serving on the board for over a decade, to my sister doing graphic design and social media work, my brother doing IT work, my aunt coordinating screen printing, my children all volunteering countless hours It is hard to announce that neither I, nor any of my family, is affiliated in any way with Upstart Crow.

This is a huge loss to our family, but we know that the legacy our mom leaves behind is not contained in one building, or by one program. Anyone who ever met my mom knows that she was a force to be reckoned with and that she spread unconditional love, support, and artistry to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her. That will most certainly live on.


The end result of this difficult path is that Josh and I have made a huge leap of faith by purchasing a commercial property that will become the new home of All That! Dance Company. We closed on the property this past Friday. While we had hoped to have more time to make this transition, we know that our amazing families will jump on board and that this move will lead toward the next phase of not just incredible arts opportunities for our kids, but the continued bonds of community as well.