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As well as the episode name and number, add the date it was published and the episode length in the description. People do choose shows based on their length , so you might as well be upfront about the fact that your Riverdale recaps are getting close to five hours a pop. Podcast fans are notoriously loyal, showing their love through making fanart , getting show-themed tattoos , or funding record-breaking Kickstarter campaigns.

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Then make it easy for them to do it. Give detailed instructions on how to rate and review on iTunes. If you have a subscription model or are selling challenge coins to keep the studio lights on, then feature them prominently. Not all support is financial. If you want listeners to get in touch with you with feedback, evidence, conspiracy theories or thirsty fanfic , then make sure that your contact page is clearly marked.

For events and live shows, keep the dates current and make sure the links to ticket registration are working.

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A website is a continual work in progress. New shows go up, case notes get added, logos change. At the heart of podcasting is the amazing possibility for anyone with an internet connection to hear you. Apps and charts may come and go, but your website will remain as a permanent address where listeners can always find the show. Just make sure you hit spell check before you upload. Bad spelling is way easier to spot online than in audio.

Our goal is to bring together writers, journalists, and other voices who share a passion for the world of audio storytelling.

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Top Resorts. The Ocean Club calls for a straight-ball hitter. Palm trees dance on their own, too. Someone could be linked to a site from just about anywhere, or land there via a random search.

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Welcome to Night Vale uses mystery and fantasy to hook listeners, but the homepage copy keeps things clear and concise:. Use clear language in your descriptions.

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Remember that this may be the first time someone has ever considered listening to a podcast. Provide as many listening platforms as you can, including options for Android and an RSS feed. Serial made a quick how-to video when they launched the first season. Now that your listeners know how to listen, they need to know where to start.

A non-sequential show like The Memory Palace has a selection of personal favourites to pick from, while This American Life splits their recommendations section by length, tone, and in a top humblebraggy move, award-winning episodes. If a show has a distinct running order, be clear where the series kicks off. Stick the first episode at the top of the homepage or have a dedicated page for new listeners.

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If your site displays most recent uploads first, they can appear in reverse chronological order with the oldest and first episode getting placed last at the bottom of the page. Free download.

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.