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For Cindy's birthday, her friends have hatched a plan to kidnap her and take her to a secluded island for some all-night partying. They tie her up and blindfold her, just to make it really fun. One of the boys, Patrick, is toting a gun which he says his police officer father gave to him for protection from an escaped killer. Once the party starts, the characters reveal more about their friendships with Cindy.

Gil, her ex-boyfriend, wants to get back together. Meanwhile his current girlfriend Hannah is furious at the way they flirt, and bitterly resents how Cindy seems to go after everything Hannah wants. Hannah wishes Cindy was dead While the kids are all outside, coupling off to make out in the darkness, Gretchen hears an argument and a fierce slap coming from the cabin.

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When she gets back, she finds a bloody scene. A girl has been stabbed to death, and all signs point to Patrick as the killer. But the evidence is a little too damning.

Party Games: A Fear Street Novel Audiobook by R. L. Stine

Is he being framed? The birthday girl gets to go first, of course.

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Fear Street #43 – All-Night Party | Welcome to Fear Street

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